Consultation to learn about your company's needs and to discuss what's possible in the US (and internationally if you have foreign workers) in the field of HR Outsourcing. Domestically, the two main types of HRO providers are PEO: Professional Employer Organization; or ASO: Administrative Services Organization

Evaluation via a proven process. It's hard for you to know what questions to ask and to think through all the implications of outsourcing your company's HR functions. Based on our many years of experience, we will guide you through every step of the process.

Selection of the best provider, and negotiating the most favorable pricing and terms for your company. At HRO2GO we are 100% on the side of our clients.

We never charge our clients for our services.  If a client chooses to move forward with one of the HR Outsourcing providers we suggest, then that provider will pay us. If we work with you and your ultimate decision is to not move forward, then there is still no charge and we wish you the best of luck with whatever HR solution you might choose for your company..